Ravenswood Christian School

About Us

At Ravenswood Christian School, we are committed to offering a quality academic education with a Christian perspective to inner-city children of Chicago.  It is our commitment to help parents teach and train their young people to achieve academic excellence while using a Bible-based curriculum. 

We hope and pray that you will consider our school as the place to help you raise your child up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Over Forty Years of Education

We have ben providing a Christian education to Chicago for over forty years. We know that every parent wants to see their children get the necessary education to succeed in life. At RCS we want to help you accomplish this lofty goal by coming along side you in the education and training of you child. We do this by providing quality teaching in the core subjects, such as language, math, history, and science, so that your student can be prepared for God’s purpose. We however, do not stop there. We also focus on promoting a Christian world-view through solid Bible teaching and integration with all core subjects. This provides a strong foundation on values and ethics students need not only to be successful but also good citizens. We accomplish this in a safe environment with teachers who have a passion for instructing and discipling young people with God’s truths. I hope you will consider partnering with us in the education and future of your child.


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How is an RCS education different?

Christian Environment

RCS students are provided a unique environment where they are free to express their faith and encouraged to grow in their relationship with God.

Teacher Evaluations

RCS teachers are evaluated by performance and merit. Teachers truly care about the well being of their student’s mind, body, and soul. 

More Pupil Attention

RCS has a lower teacher-to-student ration than typical public schools, which allows for more time to help with concept mastery.